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Talent Acquisition

This is what we do, local, across the UK or worldwide in conjunction with our partners.

The UK recruitment market is busy, plenty of roles and not enough of the right candidates.

When the correct approach is taken, with head turning opportunities proposed in a way, that will make recruitment happen.

Executive Search

We Target – Candidates who are happy, contented and very successful.

 We Identify – Great people not considering another job in a different company.

 We Approach – Informed candidates who are open to discussing a great opportunity. Your role.

Management Recruitment

We explore – Great people out there, our job is finding them. We have a big wide world to go at.

We evaluate – As expected, our job then turns to recognising skills suitability, cultural fit and expectation match.

We recruit – Once introduced, facilitate the meetings, guidance and advise with offer management.

Interim Management

The business environment today is highly uncertain. Sudden exits at middle and senior management, unpredicted ramp-ups to meet growth, and special skill requirements for a temporary period are challenging realities.

The talent acquisition strategy must mould itself to meet these undulating needs.

A fantastic resource for 6-9-12 month projects that need an external view with no pre-conceived ideas.


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